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Hi! I just ordered! When will I receive my program?

You will receive your course materials instantly which include full workouts, your meal plans for the program, your essentials all in a downloadable PDF.

You will receive the link to the app in less than 24 hours of your purchase.

Can I change my program on the App after I purchase?

Of course! You can change your program within the first week if you feel you need a new direction. You will keep the course materials pdf from your previous program however.

What is your App's name in the app store?

My app is housed on a fitness platform specialized to make the online coaching experience more intimate and hands on. I will set your account up after purchase and you will receive a link to your email inviting you to the app. After downloadng the app from the link you will be already set up for success.

Can I get a refund?

Because you receive the course materials instantly at purchase you will not receive a refund for a coaching program or plan.

What if I purchase more than one program?

AMAZING!! After your program finishes you will go right into the next one. Order of program will be determined by Woo.Sah and the client :)

Can I cancel my subscription?


How long will I have access to the app?

You will keep access to the app for a full year after your purchase of a program. Which means you can re-do a program as many times as you wish within a year.