Hi, My name is Sahir.

There are many definitions for my name: Friend. Charming. Enchanting and Wakeful. In some text, Sahir is described as a person that stays up at night and cares for others.

I know you came here to learn about our company W.O.W Vitality but, I believe that when you find a brand whether divinely or intentionally you approach it like a person. You analyze it and feel it’s “vibe” and through this you determine whether you and that brand would make a great relationship. You look for you in the brand to ensure that by giving your attention to what it offers you are also giving beneficial attention back to you. That is why I said Our company because your intentions are reflected back through this companies intentions. So, here goes my attempt to make a solid connection with you, my friend.

I have been on my wellness journey for many years now. I can remember turning on workout videos from the On-Demand section on my cable and following along in my living room. I could have been watching anything else but there I was sweating in my living room doing jump squats and sit up’s; living my best life. I am smiling right now remembering him. He would be very proud of these moments. From getting a Personal Trainer in High School for Valentines Day to skipping class in College just to go to the gym (I don’t condone this kids but, I have to be honest.) Wellness has always been apart of my life and so have the products that I have tried to use to sustain that lifestyle.

Seven years into my fitness career and many years into my wellness journey and lots of research about the functionality of the body. I had had enough of the products available that never promoted vitality only vanity. “Buy this for bigger this,” or “buy this for skinny this,” or “to be faster” or “to be better than the rest”. It all became way to egoic and less life giving so my body stopped agreeing with the entire assortment of supplements in my cabinet.

This was the moment W.O.W Vitality planted itself in my brain.


W.O.W Vitality stands for Way of Woo Vitality. I believe that the process of creating a full life starts with healthy habits that you adopt then turn into routine which leads to the manifestation of vitality. The definitions of Vitality, as provided by the Oxford Dictionary are “the state of being strong and active; energy.” And “the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.” Your Way is your Woo and my hope is that your Way gives you more life and abundance; Vitality.

The purpose for this brand is to introduce you to clean, healthy and life giving products that can become a part of your sacred routines. Products that not only promote a more energizing life but also products that call you to intentionally prioritize you in this fast paced world. Products that do not disrupt your system but aids in its ebb and flow toward balance. That is what I was looking for in products but, could not find…so I made my own.


Supplements are so important to overall wellness. They support your healthy choices. It’s like having a really beautiful picture then pressing that *enhance* feature to make all of the colors more vibrant. There are so many supplements that exist. I divide them by realizing which supplements are made with great intentions and ones that are not. Clean ingredients, clear purpose and the ethics of that supplements audience all reflect the supplements intentions as well as the companies. Supplements should always be used in conjunction with healthy habits. This is how Vitality is reached. You only add on to your positive habits (your woo) by including the perfect supplements (a routine) that support them (your vitality).